CUCS Trip to Ely - March '16

Join us on a trip to the fabulous Ely Cathedral.

Ely is home to the magnificent Ely Cathedral that can trace its origins to the 7th century. Situated close to the University, several Bishops of Ely have been instrumental in shaping the history of the University. Notably, the medieval Bishop of Ely, Hugh de Balsham was instrumental in founding Peterhouse (and in the process, expelling the secular scholars residing in St. John's hospital). More recently, John Alcock, who was also a Bishop of Ely, founded Jesus College.

CUCS Pub Night

Dear Members,

The Cambridge University Commonwealth Society (CUCS) invites you to join us for a pub night being held on Thursday, 18th February 2016 from 7:30 PM onwards at the Watson & Crick DNA structure discovery announcement famed pub - The Eagle. This pub night will be an opportunity for you to meet the newly elected CUCS committee and the other commonwealth society members from different countries. Please sign up below if you will be coming.


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