Cambridge: Commonwealth Connections and Collections

Cambridge is rich in Commonwealth connections and collections, arising from Britain's imperial and colonial past and continued into the vibrant Commonwealth of today. The Royal Commonwealth Society Collections — printed items, archives and over 100,000 photographs — were added to the University Library in 1993 and is a rich source for the study of the Commonwealth and its member countries.

CUCS Secretary, Terry Barringer, was custodian of the collections at the RCS in London and then for several years at Cambridge.

This page gives you an illustrated history of the library and some of its treasures. Blog posts, online exhibitions and projects can be accessed here but new users are recommended to start with the RCS Induction pages.

The Centre for South Asian Studies, the Centre for African Studies and Centre for Commonwealth Education also have rich resources, including film, photographic and oral history archives, and lively networks and welcome contacts with Commonwealth students.