Scholars Seminar and Networking Event

Are you interested in learning about research outside your area of expertise? Looking to inspire others with your work? Then come to our 'Scholars seminar and networking event'!

Research by Cambridge Trust scholars span a wide range of disciplines with significant impact on the world around us and often we don't come to know of such interesting work being pursued at the University until a news article is out. We thought an event that brings together society members would be a great opportunity for our world class scholar-members to get a sneak-peak into each others exciting research. The evening will be informal and talks will be catered for a general audience.

The evening will start with short presentations by three students followed by a networking session (pizzas including vegetarian options and drinks will be provided).

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Confirmed speakers:

Katie Hammond - The market, and regulation of assistive reproductive technologies in the Commonwealth

The past 30 years have witnessed rapid evolution and growing demand for assistive reproductive technologies (ARTs): technologies that assist in achieving and monitoring a pregnancy. The ART market is a unique one – fueled by parents willing to go to great lengths to conceive. The demand is high and desire deep. ARTs have led to medical service markets, and markets for gametes and surrogacy. The focus of this talk will be on the market of these technologies in the Commonwealth. It will look to the concerns raised by this market and implications for regulation.

Duncan McNicholl - Complimentary Change: How stakeholder roles collectively improve service delivery in rural water, sanitation, and hygiene

Access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services is crucial for human development. Efforts to tackle these issues over the past several decades have made important gains, but sustainability concerns jeopardize long-term improvements. Focusing on rural WASH, I propose to research what collection of roles amongst stakeholders contribute to improving service delivery in a country. I intend to understand in greater detail how roles compliment one another in a network of participants, and how organizations can manage programs more effectively by complimenting the roles of their peers. Instead of providing a best practice, this would produce a collection of important and complimentary practices that could guide where organizations or initiatives might fit, and identify potential gaps where new organizations or initiatives might be created within a sector or country to support sustainable development of rural WASH services.

Jayeta Saxena - Reversing Resistance to Cancer Therapy

Cancer has been a mainstay of research for the last few decades and although major advances have been made in the field, it still remains one of the biggest challenges for researchers across the globe. A number of targeted small molecule inhibitors have been approved to treat cancers and although such treatments can be very effective initially, acquired resistance to the drug develops invariably, causing patients to relapse. My project is aimed at studying the mechanisms underpinning acquired resistance to Selumetinib, a kinase inhibitor drug undergoing later stage clinical trials. Our initial results have indicated that acquired resistance to Selumetinib can be reversible in resistant colorectal cancer cell lines, upon withdrawal of drug for 10-20 weeks. This concept of reversal of acquired resistance upon drug withdrawal has also been reported in mouse models for melanomas recently (Thakur et al, Nature 2013). The idea of intermittent dosing still needs to be tested in clinic but it provides exciting prospects. If acquired resistance can be delayed or reversed by intermittent dosing, it will not only enhance durability of the drug response but also reduce side effects and lower the cost of treatment at the same time.



Mill Lane Lecture Room 5, Mill Lane, CB2 1RX
Time of event: 
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 18:30 to 20:00